Thursday, 28 August 2008

early morning on wreck beach

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this picture was taken after a small gang of us had camped out on a remote nudist beach, somewhere along the coast. I awoke early morning to take a stroll along the beach, and wipe away the previous night's cobwebs. As I neared a particularly large looking rock, I spotted a lone nude man, squatting on the side of it, and looking out to sea. I tried my best not to disturb him, but I think the poor fellow spotted the camera in my hand, and within minutes had scarpered!

i didnt care to get his photo, because I was too distracted by these gorgeous old logs that lay at random places along the shore.

sat on the train tracks

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I strolled along the avenue at kitsilano. missed the bus. sat on the train tracks at the side of the road and noticed how beautiful it looked once the sun lit up the sky behind the railroad signs, casting everything in shadow

Totem rising through the clouds

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Walking around the grounds of the anthropology museum, I spotted a lone totem pole, set back from the others, and at a distance from the building. Though it is not visible from this picture, the totem is actually blocked off by wire fencing and a huge DO NOT ENTER sign. Luckily for me, the fencing didn't spoil the view of this majestic totem, which appears to rise above the mountains and way up through the clouds

Telegrah pole and gnarled branches

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walking home from the beach, I spotted this scene and was compelled to take a picture

The harbour on a blustery day

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Shortly after I took this picture, the rains came in, and I found shelter under a nearby tree, my shorts and sandals barely fending off the cold

Ancient native American artefacts

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Exhibited at the museum of anthropology. This front piece is a huge wooden bowl which would have been used during large community feasts

Cambie st

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Throughout most of the city, if you look up, you can see the shuttle bus wires that criss cross overhead, creating interesting frames for the objects that exist within the space

Traditional totem pole

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I discovered this in the green wilderness that surrounds the museum of Anthropology

The weather has broken

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But it is still very atmospheric down at the harbour

very cool looking plaque in stanley park

I cant get enough of these telegraph poles

running man statue dwarfs tourists at stanley park

pinball game thats hangin on the wall in our front room

view from our back yard in vancouver. looks more like a scene from south east asia..

living room farmyard

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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

i met kim gordon after a sonic youth show a few yrs back. she wasnt too happy about me taking her photo

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